A Drug that Turns Radioactive Elements into Harmless Chemicals

After the nuclear power plant accident at Fukushima, scientists around the world went into high gear, trying to figure out how we could respond next time. And for chemists at Berkeley Lab, that means trying to develop a pill that people could take to neutralize radioactive elements in the environment. » 10/31/14 5:30pm Yesterday 5:30pm

A Fascinating Documentary on Crows, One of the World's Smartest Animals

There's no better way to celebrate Halloween than by snuggling up with this mesmerizing PBS documentary, A Murder of Crows, first aired in 2010 and now available free online. We actually get to see some of the experiments that offered solid evidence that crows are breathtakingly smart tool users. » 10/31/14 4:15pm Yesterday 4:15pm

The One Basic Fact About History That Time Travelers Always Forget

One of the staples of time travel stories is the idea that our heroes will visit earlier geological periods in Earth's history. Of course — because they'll want to see dinosaurs with ostrich feathers and giant millipedes. But they generally forget something very important about Earth's past. » 10/31/14 11:30am Yesterday 11:30am

If You Really Want to See the Future of City Life, Watch This Video

Assuming we don't destroy ourselves in a mountain of toxic garbage, humans are going to start building more sustainable, environmentally-friendly cities. And that means a lot more animals will be sharing our cities with us. Here's a glimpse of what that might mean. » 10/30/14 4:00pm Thursday 4:00pm

Fan Service and Failed States on Person of Interest

Even though last night's Person of Interest was a slightly goofy meta episode, with one character clearly intended to be a stand-in for fans of the show, it was also pretty intense. We now understand what the stakes are for the crime bosses of New York. Plus, Finch did something seriously out of character. » 10/29/14 4:35pm Wednesday 4:35pm

How the United States Looked to the Civilized World in 1803

In 1803, the United States was still struggling to be taken seriously as a nation. Still, it seemed promising enough that the great civilization known as the Ottoman Empire began to take notice of it. This gorgeous map is one of the earliest and most detailed that Ottoman geographers produced of the region. » 10/29/14 1:30pm Wednesday 1:30pm

From Primus, the Most Disturbing Interpretation of Willy Wonka Ever

Primus' new album is devoted to creepy, incredible covers of songs from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. And we've got an exclusive debut of this lyric video for the single, "Pure Imagination." The album is called Primus and the Chocolate Factory (of course) and there are even 5 golden tickets that go along… » 10/28/14 10:12am Tuesday 10:12am

Incredible Photographs of the Hungarian Internet Tax Protests

Thousands of people in Budapest, Hungary, protested an "internet tax" proposed by the country's right-wing ruling party Fidesz. The tax would force Hungarians to pay 150 forints ($0.60) per gigabyte of data traffic. In these photographs taken by Cink's Attila Nagy, you can see the massive protest firsthand. » 10/27/14 10:59am Monday 10:59am

Just in Time for Election Day, a Post-Apocalyptic Toronto in Pictures

Lo-fi scifi auteur Jim Munroe worked with three artists, Mathew Borrett, Terry Lau and Sanford Kong, to create these gorgeous images of a fallen Toronto. It's just in time for the Canadian election, where notorious politician Rob Ford's older brother Doug is currently polling pretty well in the Toronto mayoral race. » 10/25/14 2:40pm 10/25/14 2:40pm

The Future Is a Lonely Place, in William Gibson's The Peripheral

With his new novel The Peripheral, William Gibson returns to the genre that made him famous: near-future science fiction. But the world of The Peripheral is very different from the hyperactive cyberpunk citiscapes of Neuromancer. His canvas is much bigger — and his prophesies are far more melancholy. » 10/23/14 2:13pm 10/23/14 2:13pm