We Have a "Duty" to Explore Space, Says Elon Musk

Does humanity deserve to survive, after all the harm we've done? This is one of the main issues tackled in a fascinating interview with Elon Musk, founder of Tesla and SpaceX. published today in Aeon magazine. Musk has a pretty eloquent answer. » 9/30/14 5:00pm Yesterday 5:00pm

You Must Watch This Documentary About Making 1970s B-Movie Demon Lover

Demon Lover Diary is sort of like American Movie and Blair Witch Project rolled into one, amazing cinematic experience. In 1975, filmmaker Joel DeMott went with her boyfriend Jeff Kreines to Michigan, to help a young Donald G. Jackson (of Rollerblade notoriety) film his first feature, Demon Lover. The results are… » 9/29/14 4:40pm Monday 4:40pm

Incredible Restoration of Rusted Turret Cannon from the U.S. Civil War

The USS Monitor, whose cross section is pictured above, was the first iron-clad warship in the US Navy. Built during the U.S. Civil War, it was famous for its revolving turret, fitted out with a cannon. Now, a group is restoring the cannon — and you can see some unbelievable before-and-after pictures below. » 9/26/14 12:35pm Friday 12:35pm

Gorgeous, Insane Posters Take You on the Greatest D&D Campaigns Ever

If you have fond memories of early Dungeons & Dragons modules, you are going to utterly love these special edition posters by Jason Thompson for Wizards of the Coast. They're hilarious, detailed walkthrough maps of classic adventures like Expedition to the Barrier Peaks, Tomb of Horrors, and more. » 9/25/14 4:00pm Thursday 4:00pm

The Artist Who Helps Scientists Imagine the Future of Evolution

In fifty years, as we flee regions made unlivable by climate change, we'll want to adapt quickly to new habitats. That's why we need the inventions of Maja Smrekar, an artist who works with scientists to create visions of the future — and glimpses of our evolutionary past. » 9/25/14 2:24pm 9/25/14 2:24pm

Misogyny is not human nature. That's what evolutionary biology researcher Eric Michael Johnson explains in Slate, where he explores the connections between male baboon behavior and male human behavior during "The Fappening." Turns out that patriarchy actually undermines our fitness as a species. » 9/25/14 12:26pm 9/25/14 12:26pm

Dystopian Fashion Comes with Special Signal-Blocking Pocket for Phones

British company The Affair has created a number of science fiction themed fashion lines, but their latest is a masterpiece. The clothing is all modeled on what people wore in George Orwell's 1984, and comes with a shielded phone pocket made from material can effectively pull you off the grid. » 9/25/14 11:29am 9/25/14 11:29am

An Amazing Excerpt from Ancillary Sword, Sequel to Ancillary Justice

This year Ann Leckie's debut novel Ancillary Justice swept the science fiction awards, taking home Hugo, Nebula, British Science Fiction, Locus and Arthur C. Clarke Awards for best novel. Now the sequel, Ancillary Sword, is about to hit bookstores, and we've got an exclusive excerpt for you! » 9/25/14 11:00am 9/25/14 11:00am

Person of Interest Is Back, and Here's Everything That's Changed

Last night's Person of Interest was one of those season premieres that's also a reboot. It was slightly clunky, but we learned all the new ground rules for this show now that our heroes have scattered, assumed new identities, and must cope with constant surveillance from a hostile A.I. named Samaritan. » 9/24/14 7:29pm 9/24/14 7:29pm